Squeeze is an accordion fold book created in the Design Inquiry Rewrite Workshop at Maine College of Art (MECA) with Peter Hall, Head of the Design Department at Griffith University Queensland College of Art, and Mark Zurolo, Associate Professor of Graphic Design at University of Connecticut.
Participants were asked to bring in an incomplete project and then rolled wooden dice with parameters written on each side. Squeeze originally began as an incomplete zine, but was pushed further when the instructions “reverse” and “make it ephemeral” were applied after the dice roll. The image of the man’s face and the term “Give a squeeze” are taken from an advertisement originally collaged into the zine. The distorted effects are made solely with a photocopier, progressing as the book goes on until the face is an abstract and unrecognizable form. The image is stretched and manipulated, the reverse of the term squeeze, and the man’s face is ephemeral due to its deterioration.  The book was selected to be included in the Fall 2019 Design Inquiry Futurespective Exhibition at MECA.
Measures 8.25 x 10 inches, fully extended it is about 15 feet long.
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